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Tridella Brass SpA is one of the historical Italian forging realities starting its industrial activities after the 2nd World War in 1949.

In 1970 TRIDELLA BRASS acquires the company GS dedicated to the production of safety valves for electric water heaters and founds Rubinetteria GST with the aim to produce finished products for industrial companies dedicated to the production of gas valves for kitchens hand overpressure parts for heating boilers.

The proximity to the majority of the Italian brand leaders of the espresso machines production has allowed him to have a strong experience in the manufacture of components for the food using in special brass alloys with low lead content and today Tridella Brass Spa realizes 15% of its production in low or zero lead content materials as the Silicon ECObrass family alloys.

The plant Tridella Brass SpA in Cologno Monzese (MI) is able to create of brass and copper alloys bodies  up to 6 kg and for about two years is able to also produce aluminum alloys goods grace to its industrial division dedicated to light alloys .

Together with Rubinetteria GST srl (ISO 9001: 2008) TRIDELLAGST group located near the Linate Milan airport can ensure high confidentiality to all its customers.


Tridella GST Group

Non Ferrous hot forging from three generations.

Tridella Brass e Rubinetteria GST represent a precise international point of reference for the production of finished components in copper and aluminum alloys according to customers’s customer.